The Key to Achieving Gorgeous and Realistic Project Life Pages


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The Key to Achieving Gorgeous and Realistic Project Life Pages


If you are a digital project life artist, have you ever asked yourself how you can achieve a realistic project life page? I know that when you say PL, it means simplicity. So, why does my page needs to look real?

Well each of us has different choices when we scrap. When it comes to documenting our everyday through project life, my approach is:

Make it clean, Get it done and Do it like the real thing

I started my pure digital PL this year and coming from the traditional version, I love my pages to have that “real” effect. Simply because, that’s what I want and that is who I am. My pages are often complimented because of how clean it is and how everything looks good together.

So, my question to you is, do you want to achieve the same look?

Take a peek at these pages I recently done using my new approach to staying up-to-date with my project.




I like making my pages simple, uncluttered and because I am not the journal-type person, I keep most of the photo details using my journaling cards, tags, flairs and other embellishments.

The end goal is to have them all printed and have that feeling like I did it traditionally through my embellishing. Am i weird? Probably but i love it.

And if you want to achieve the same kind of look, below are the steps that I do to create my pages every week:

  1. I maintain a white background and a flat base
  2. I don’t shadow my base layers, unless it is a dimensional element (like rubber embellish, flairs, etc)
  3. But, I do shadow my second, third, or 4th layers if there is.
  4. I use simple shadowing – because PL is mostly flat with touches of embellishing, I try not to cluster in my pages.
  5. I make use of tags, cards and other journaling spots to document the story behind my photos.

Now, I am not asking you to do exactly like the way I do it. I know scrappers who uses patterned and colored background and ones who shadow their base layers, it is perfectly fine too! Don’t limit yourself, use my steps as a guide.

Finally,  the key to achieving a realistic look is really – your drop shadows!

Like a regular digital layout, achieving a realistic look depends on shadowing. While it is essential to have it in your pages, it can make or break your page if you don’t use it properly.

Believe me, I have seen beautiful pages and they are good but sometimes, it’s either too flat or overshadowed.

Because we are digital artists, the looks of our pages will depend largely on our shadowing so if you haven’t learned how to shadow properly yet, you may want to check how you can shadow flat elements, acrylic and dimensional elements.

Now, check out these pages. I hope these give you more inspiration to do this wonderful project.


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  1. Kelley says:

    How do you get the white background? I just started doing Digital Project Life, and my background layer is always beige looking. I can’t figure out how to change it to white. Any tips? Thanks!

    • Mye says:

      Hi Kelley – i use a plain white background #ffffff – not the usual kit solid papers like others. I want it clean like that when printed 🙂 hope this helps

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