Create Simple But Effective Project Life Title Page


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Create Simple But Effective Project Life Title Page


Do you struggle with your weekly project life title page? Learn how you can make a simpler yet effective title page in seconds using this very simple solution – the Week Stamps!

I find myself always struggling with title page and to be honest, there are weeks that I spend more time doing it that doing my entire page – funny, but this is also true.

So when I was creating my Week 28, I wanted to try something for my pages, I kept it simpler than what I used to do.

Check below how I used my newly released Week Stamps to create different title pages.

Use it as photo overlays



Stamp it on a Blank Journal Card



These are just a few of my pages and I’m planning to use these more often to simplify my process even more.

What about you? How do you create your title pages? How do you simplify your Project Life process?

Share your memory keeping experience with us and let’s learn from one another.

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  1. Sian Barnard says:

    Gorgeous pages Mye!!! The more of Minted I see in action, the more and more I love it!!! I love the simplicity of your pages. I simplified my title card process by settling on a template for the year which is then embellished and customised to suit the week’s colour/design. I like that it takes most of the creative decisions out of my hands and allows me to concentrate on the rest of the layout….

    • Mye says:

      Simplifying the title cards helped me create more pages in a day, Sian 🙂 I hope it helped you too 🙂

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