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It has been a while since I’ve known Pinterest and I swear, it can become an addiction once you start browsing and pinning and browsing and pinning. There’s just too much goodness in this site that one, once in won’t ever find the way out.

Today isn’t one of those days when Alphonse will just simply let me put him down the crib and play. It’s one of those days when all he ever wanted was to be held and to be seated in the couch, watching TV. Believe me, this boy sure loves watching as much as his daddy. I’m not! I easily get tired when I’m in front of the TV and will eventually fall asleep if I don’t get off the couch soon. And because today isn’t my day, I decided to carry him with me to my work desk and play around Pinterest! That’s what a crafty mom does when her baby won’t sleep, hah!

If this is your first time to hear about Pinterest, well it’s time to dive into the ocean of goodness! But don’t forget that I already gave the warning first.

So today, while I was playing around and browsing, I decided to do a little clean up on my boards. I deleted some which I haven’t been using a lot and left some groups where I really haven’t pinned anything for more than a year. It feels nice! It feels like I’ve more control of my profile now than ever. And I think, despite having a very unproductive design day, I got a little productivity on my Pinterest organization side.


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