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november twenty twelve | act

This is kind of an overdue post. I have started setting my goals this November and this post should’ve been up by the 1st of the month. Of course, to welcome the new month and share my goals to you. I will be doing this starting this month and I intend to keep it – short and on a monthly basis so it is something more measurable and attainable for me. I don’t want to keep a long list of things I want to accomplish, I just want to be able to do things one baby step at a time and most importantly, “ACT” to make it happen. Here are my goals for November 2012.

act | take more photos

The thing I regretted the most about my childhood is not having photos to look back to. I never get to see how I looked like when I was a baby, a toddler, a school girl. I did start having photos mostly during my high school years and I recall being really very shy in front of the camera back then. I guess it was partially because I have never been exposed to such during my younger years.

I do not want my children to have the same regret as I did. I want them to have all the photos they can go and look back, reminisce and enjoy – just by simply looking at them and recalling all the memories behind each and every pictures. I have never been fascinated about cameras but as I embark my journey towards memory keeping, I have learned that it is an essential part of what I want to do – capture life.

So starting this month, you’ll see more photos in this blog as I share my own ways of capturing life and memory keeping.

act | finish my gratitude album

This month of Thanksgiving, I have also started doing a Gratitude album and I intend to finish it until the end of month. It’s my very first project and something really very special. I have never appreciated the small and big things in my life and this is the perfect time to see how thankful I should be for having them.

act | finish my photobook project

Now this is my baby project. Something that I have been pondering about over the last couple of months but really the chance to get it done was very elusive. I am making it a goal this month and soon, you will see it here in this blog. I plan on getting this as a starter blog project for my readers so you can try it too.

So there you have it. My goals for the month.

How about you, have you set your own goals? How often do you do it? Have you been keeping up with them? I know that it is never easy. I, for one isn’t a very disciplined person when it comes to things like this but like I said, we learn as we go along the way and I did. If you aren’t sure how to do it, here are few tips:

1. Make sure it is something attainable within your specified time frame.
2. It doesn’t have to be complicated. There are simple things in life that you want to do and can’t get done so you can include them.
3. Act. Start Now. Move forward one step at a time and you’ll eventually get there.

‘Til next goal setting!

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