New Approach to Keep Yourself Up-to-Date with Project Life


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New Approach to Keep Yourself Up-to-Date with Project Life


When I first did Project Life, I got behind 5 months. The reason was, an unexpected life event that turned my world differently. It is pretty much understandable and I can easily forgive myself for getting behind.

This year, was a different story.

After doing my first 2 weeks, I suddenly stopped doing my weekly spreads for a number of reasons – I closed my shop, I moved to my personal shop, I didn’t have enough time to simply work on my projects. However, it did not stop me from taking photos. I have lots of them and I made sure of that. I know that there will be time where I can work on it again.

I know that I am not alone in this situation and I understand that there are thousands of scrapbookers out there, who, despite all the easy access to simplify things about memory keeping, still struggle on managing their schedules. This is why I want to share this with you.

Early this year, I told you about why you should not catch up on Project Life. It was my approach when I am working on my 2013 album. It was effective and I am proud to say I enjoyed working on the project. It was my first one and I loved it.

Yesterday, after more than 10 weeks of chaos in my schedule, I began working on my pages again and this time, I’m working on a different approach.

Because I am working fully digital this year, it is easier to do this project than the traditional one (although I love working on both).

The Process

1. Organization

Most of my photos come from my iPhone so as expected, after I imported them to my PC, they are all in one folder, and i have to check on each photo properties to identify the dates. The first thing I did, organize my photos by week.


By organizing the photos weekly, I won’t have a hard time looking for my weekly photos from all those I’ve imported in a single folder.

2. Work with the Most Recent Week

I started working on my most recent week of photos – Week 19. Used my most recent I Collect Memories edition, Frolic.



What a relief to see your current week done, right? That was what I felt and to be perfectly honest, I love the feeling. I kept it simple with a few embellishments to keep my style. I love my pages simple with a little bit of bling.

3. Work on the Last Week You Left Out

Then, I began working on my “behind” weeks. The last completed spread was week 2 so next to work on is Week 3.



And there you have it. Week 3 – all done! Hmm, I like adding some little tags here and there and then stamps so basically, this week was a bit of having fun!


Did you get the idea?

Basically, for every week that I will work on starting this week, I’ll make sure to work on the current one and then work on a week I left off. This way, I’m keeping myself up-to-date and still be able to catch up. Hitting 2 birds with one stone.

I highly encourage you to come back and see my progress and how effective this approach is or work with me on this approach and let’s both see how it works for us.

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