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life in motion | capturing hobbies

Photographs used to be a challenge to me. I don’t know what to capture. I always aim for perfection. I always care about how the shots will look like. And I am always mindful about what other people will say about it.

That kind of attitude changed a lot when I changed my perception about capturing life – I wanted to capture life as it happens. I want to be able to get the true memories that will definitely bring joy to my children in the future. I want to capture life in motion. Part of my November 2012 goals is to take more photos and I believe I am doing well with it right this early.

This November, I want to kick off a new weekly photo inspiration post here at I hope that by doing this, I will be able to help you document more about your life. Are you in?

This week, our inspiration is to capture hobbies – take a moment to pause and take photos of your kids in action while they are doing what they love most! In the photos above is my elder twin daughter, Scieszka – she loves to draw and she loves me taking photos of her drawing and keeping them in a box.

The younger twin, Elysia loves playing in the laptop, watching you tube and drawing in there using either Microsoft Paint or Photoshop. Well, truth is, Scieszka loves it too and they fight over the laptop most of the time.

These photos are not really perfect. In fact, I only used my iphone to capture them. But what’s most important is I was able to capture them. My girls are growing pretty fast and before I know it, I might’ve probably missed these things have I not done it. So, I am doing it now.

So, how about sharing photo inspiration weekly? I will be posting my inspiration photos every Monday here in my blog and you will capture your version of the inspiration I posted. Link it up here for everyone to see (just use the form below)! I hope you will join me as I embark on a new journey to capture life in motion.

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