Hybrid Door Decoration by Audrey Tan


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Hybrid Door Decoration by Audrey Tan

As we have just moved to a new country and a new home, I thought I create a door decor for my boys as they both have their own bedrooms. Mye’s Spookalicious kit came in handy for this project.
In creating hybrid project, I usually open a new A4 document in Pages. For this project, I wanted them in ATC sizes i.e. 2.5×3.5 inch. Based on the names of my boys, I created 9 ATC sizes. Then I layer them with the papers and embellishments that I wanted. I do it this way so that I know what size to be printed so that they fit properly. Once I achieved the look I wanted, I took a picture of them:


This would help me to assemble them later. Now, I opened another A4 document page and filled them with the embellishments to be printed out. Then I delete the ones on the ATC cards, leaving only the papers to be printed. Once they are printed, I cut them out accordingly and assemble them. This is the final product:



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