Hello September!


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Hello September!


It feels like I haven’t blogged in a long time. Well, that may be true. Half of this year I’ve been dragging myself to work and do all my regular designing and blogging stuffs but I just couldn’t get enough time (if anyone knows where I can buy some extra hours, I’d like some please!). There is a downside and upside to it though. I am not working much which means I am not able to contribute well to the family’s finances. However, I am spending most of my time with my children and by spending more time with them, I get to take lots of pictures which I have been using for my Project Life  album this year. I guess quality time is what matters the most.

This month, I want to focus on a few things so I can finally get something done! Because if I don’t, I will end up having a lot of unfinished projects. I need to accomplish something. This thought brought me to having these goals:

  1. Finish 1 mini album
  2. Eat less sweets
  3. Spend more time with the twins (because I’ve been spending more time with the little boy more than I do with them)
  4. Take more pictures
  5. Blog more

Sounds pretty simple but we’ll see what this month will bring to me. I’ve a couple of new things planned and a few are also in the works and I can feel that September will bring a good change in my career so here I come!

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