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Hello, P&Co!

Hey folks! Jeryn, here. *waving* I’m working with Mye on the backend of things so you’ll see me more often on the blog!
It’s New Year’s Day here in the States but you know what else is happening today that’s equally exciting? Yup. It’s Pixels and Company day. Mye’s store is officially open for business! She’s got quite a few $1 releases all month long! Today’s first $1 kit release is In The Meadow paper pack.


We’ll be posting on Mye’s Facebook fan page throughout the month with new $1 releases so be sure to tune in.


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  1. Felis says:

    Congrats for the new store of Mye! of course we will follow it.But this with Facebook fan page is disappointed. Many people don’t trust to Facebook and don’t use it! However, we will check directly the store.

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