Handlettering 365 | Day 80


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Handlettering 365 | Day 80


Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

If you are new to this blog, you might have not known that I have a special needs child named Alphonse. He has Down Syndrome and he is the love of my life. You can read more about him and get to know more about this beautiful gift we have. Today, we are celebrating World Down Syndrome Day and this is the second year we are joining.


Last year, I gave a scrapbook mini kit for everyone to enjoy documenting their children’s memories. This year, because I’ve been doing a lot of handlettering, I want to share this printable to everybody and help us spread the word to end the use of the R-word. It is offensive and it’s disrespectful to those who have learning disabilities. I hope that with this little gesture, we can all make a better future for our children. We all want to be accepted and respected. And that goes to people with disabilities as well. They deserve the same level of respect like we all do.

So enjoy this printable and share this blog post to your friends.

Just a little reminder if you want to share – please do refer people to this blog post if they want to download the image or refer to my TOU for more info.


Download HERE

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  1. Anita says:

    Amazing. thanks. Consider it spread. Thanks. I just posted a great message shared by a friend too.

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