Handlettering 365 | Day 100


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Handlettering 365 | Day 100


Day 100 – Today I wrote my name again – i thought it would be nice to have my name written by my and show it around for people to recognize my brand. It’s a start. When I began my handlettering journey this year, I wanted to make sure I will be able to fully commit to doing this daily project for a whole year. I had my ups and downs – however, giving up was never an option so despite missing days, I make sure I catch up and get it all done. After all, practicing my hands isn’t just for showing my work around. It’s also giving me the skills I need so it’s still a good thing.


After a few drafts and tweaks, I made sure it doesn’t look perfect. I like the tiny bit of quirkiness to it. It’s fun and i love it!

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