Framing a Journal Card by Terresa Burnham


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Framing a Journal Card by Terresa Burnham

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Two fun ways to frame a journal card are what today’s post is all about.  In Mye De Leon’s kit Spookalicous I had several to choose from.  It was hard to decide because there were so many spooky elements to choose from.  Ultimately when I think of Halloween, witches are usually top on the list.  So I just had to frame this fun witch themed journal card!


To frame a journal card first choose your element.  As you can see I chose best witches as my journal card to frame and display. I sized my print to a   5 x 7.   I liked the black starry background best to go in my curvy orange frame.   I printed on glossy card stock. As you can see on the left I centered my print behind the glass from my frame. I traced around the glass with a pencil and cut it out.


There are two ways I chose to display my Halloween themed print.  As a framed picture on my table.  Or placed in the middle of a Halloween wreath.  So many fun possibilities!

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