Decide. Commit. Succeed. | Desktop & Smartphone Background


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Decide. Commit. Succeed. | Desktop & Smartphone Background


What’s good about playing with patterns and hand-lettering is… get to create something new and different and cute! TGIF, people!

Today, I would like to end the week with a little inspiration to share with all of you. It has been a while since I shared one and I’m pretty sure you’re as excited as I am to get the latest goodies. Inspired by the beautiful season, Autumn, may this inspire you to pursue whatever it is you are dreaming about and keep you motivated to commit to your passion and do the thing you love most. You can click the above image to download everything or download individually by clicking the corresponding images below, right click and save. Enjoy!

smartphone  DESKTOP

This design is also available as mobile phone case at Casetify! If you are new to casetify, you can claim your $14 discount on your first purchase by following this link.



Please note:

While I love sharing freebies with all of you, I would also like to protect my work. These downloads are all for Personal Use only. All designs were created and owned by me. Please do not resell, reproduce or recreate them and/or distribute without permission. However, you are more than welcome to share this blog post and/or direct your readers should you choose to share it in your own blog. I am truly thankful for that! Pinning images are allowed as long as proper credits are also given. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I’d be more than happy to assist you. Thank you!

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  2. christine coile says:

    Will you be during a 2016 calendar like you did for 2015.? I sure hope so because I find the 2015 about 2 weeks ago. I would like to do something for my grandkids to give to there teachers.

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