Day 1 | Spooktacular October


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Day 1 | Spooktacular October

It’s a Spooktacular October, are you ready to have some fun? Starting today until the 30th, I will be putting a product on spotlight daily. You’ll get to see some fresh inspiration on how you can use them too.

Today, I am highlighting my Mists – Embellishments. Misting has become a trend in traditional scrapbooking. It gave scrappers a variety of ways to achieve better layout by doing this special technique.

Digital scrapbooking has its own version of giving that misted look in a layout. Let’s take a look at how it is done by doing a recoloring and mimicking the mists of traditional scrapbooking.

With your new canvass in Photoshop, open your Mists – Embellishments folder and select your choice of pre-made mist element.

Go then to your layer properties and select Blending Options.

Select Color Overlay and then choose a color that will match your layout. Click OK.

Resize if necessary and tuck it within the layers of your layout.

It is very simple and easy to use. Check out these fresh layouts using this digital technique.

Angela blended the mists in shades of pink and purple and it perfectly matched with the butterflies in her page. She resized it to become smaller and it gave her layout a beautiful finishing touch.

Terry did hers using the original element size but recolored it white and placed it in the middle of her layout drawing attention to it. It blended well with her chevron patterned background.

Interesting? You can also try it for yourself. Here’s today’s Spooktacular treat so you can grab Mists – Embellishments for only $1 within the next 24 hours. Use this code upon checkout: GetMist1

I hope to see you all tomorrow for the next treat!

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  1. Maribel says:

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial! Just tried checking out and its not discounting to $1.

  2. Tammy Davis says:

    These are so beautiful! Thank you so much, Mye! Can’t wait to use them!

  3. Mye De Leon says:

    Hi Maribel,Sorry this has caused you some issue. I’ve checked it and should be working fine now 🙂 – Thanks!

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  5. katlily says:

    can’t wait to try this, thank you

  6. Kristine says:

    Good tutorial. Thank you, 🙂 Kristine

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