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You may have probably seen the sneak I posted yesterday. So, yes, i terribly miss paper scrapbooking. I never knew this day would come. I have been 80% digital since I’ve devoted my free time to scrapbooking in 2007. I did both paper and digi then but gave up on paper. I became a full […]

multitasking – i love that i have learned how to do this from the corporate world that i used to live in for 12 years. I know it has some sort of a disadvantage but I know what or when to multitask. Pretty good at it (sometimes). I’ll be posting more images and how I created […]

My children love all things crafty (like mommy!). At a very young age, they started doodling, drawing, coloring – both using papers, pens, crayons and using the computer with software like MS Paint and Photoshop. It’s quite very obvious that as a mom, I buy all crafty things for them, whenever there is a good […]

I have been scrapbooking since 2007 – digitally. And since then, my inspiration evolved and somehow I find it hard to find some time to scrap so I changed my focus and decided to go simple and easy, thus, this latest Product Spotlight was conceptualized. I want to scrap but it need not be complicated. […]

It’s always nice to have some “go to” supplies in your stash. And most of the time, neutral tones are the most sought supplies to go to because they blend in easily without sacrificing the colors of the layout. So just for a few days, I am bringing this awesome Paper Basics | Neutrals for […]

I am so happy with today’s Spooktacular Deal because I am bringing you one of my best selling products – the Plastic Pockets! These pockets are very versatile additions to your layouts. Grab it for $1 using this code: getpocketfor1 If you aren’t familiar how to use it, here are some samples from the team. […]

Today’s deal is Going Solo – a 12×12 template pack you can use to design and kick off a layout with one photo. Get it now for only a dollar using this code: goingsolofor1 Need some inspiration, check out these fabulous layouts from the team! Don’t want to miss out on any deals posted in […]

I purposely halted the posting of Day 6 to give way to our Dollar Releases at Design House Digital. Today, allow me to bring you another full kit – Forest Friends. You can grab for a buck until the 30th using this code: forestfriendsfor1 Don’t want to miss a single promotion, you may consider subscribing […]

Good Morning! Tamara here back with another exciting, new tutorial!  For the past several weeks, I have been showing you how to use some of the different features of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements! From cool cropping ideas to using the lock feature in your layers panel, I have shown you some little known features that […]

Good Morning everyone! I hope everyone had a great Easter! We had a fantastic weekend full of  family and fun! All five of my kiddos were home this weekend (which is a rarity since two are now away in college/Navy) and we traveled to my parents to spend some time with them and my sister […]