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Extracting digital elements is something I find myself doing  time and time again, on almost every one of my project life layouts! This trick is a simple way to customize your pages to be fun and unique! You can see an example of how I used this technique on the project life page below to […]

So you’ve started this project called Project Life – but you can’t catch up on capturing a lot of photos you need for your pages every single week. And sometimes, admit it, you just want to take a break from taking photos. It happens. Don’t be too hard on yourself. We are memory keepers, we […]

When I first did Project Life, I got behind 5 months. The reason was, an unexpected life event that turned my world differently. It is pretty much understandable and I can easily forgive myself for getting behind. This year, was a different story. After doing my first 2 weeks, I suddenly stopped doing my weekly […]

Good morning scrappers! Last week, Mye began a series of lessons based on clustering elements. She asked me to stop by today to talk a little bit about clustering layouts for boys as it seems that not EVERYONE was blessed with as many girls as me. I do happen to have one boy in my […]

We’re finally done with our lesson yesterday but I know that there are still questions as to how one must put their elements together so today I am bringing in 2 guest artists with me. Happy to introduce you to – Tamara Allen (scrapper@heart) and (scrappy_donna) Tamara Allen  Tamara’s First Digital Layouts   Tamara’s Most […]

It’s time for Lesson 3 and I hope you had fun with yesterday’s lesson! If this is your first time in this class, be sure to check our Introduction, Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 first. How’s the shadowing lesson yesterday? Were you able to play with it and apply what you learned to your layouts? […]

Welcome to Lesson 2 of our Clustering mini class! Yesterday, we learned about the Elements of a Layout and Layering. If you haven’t read it, make sure you do so can fully understand the lesson. This is our page from yesterday: The clusters are actually looking good – the elements are basically proportionate to each […]

Hi everyone and I’m happy to be back today as we officially begin Day 1’s lesson. Today we are going to learn about the Basic Elements of a Layout and Layering – which are both essential to creating a beautiful clustered page. If you are new to digital scrapbooking, these 2 topics are a must […]

When I discovered digital scrapbooking, I am just like you. I knew nothing about style, how to start doing a layout,  the different techniques, etc. I create my page by simply putting the paper, photos and a few elements together. That’s it! I didn’t care about anything else. But as I go along and get […]

It’s a new week! And it’s time for another fun tutorial for you all. Today, I’m going to talk about transparencies. If you have noticed, I’ve been enjoying adding transparent elements in my digital kits as of late. Well, not only because they are cute but they are so fun to add in a layout […]