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I have waited for months to be able to publish this. You know, when you are faced with too many things all at the same time and you have to hold back on some other stuffs that can wait. Apparently, this time, I had to put the blog on the back burner. It needed a […]

For this week – I’m featuring this beautiful labeled with love pattern which was part of my You’re the Mom digital scrapbook collection. And here’s a little pattern inspiration I saw when Kris and I went out for dinner last Saturday at Jack’s Place. It was at the entrance and guests can sign on them. […]

Oh the dreaded Monday is here! How long has it been since you despise the day? The days when you were in school? The days when you were working with a boss whom you did not like? Or is it because it’s the beginning of the week when you’ll have to wake up earlier than usual? Well, […]

Well, hi! It’s been a while since we’ve done pattern play here and I’m quite excited to be bringing it back today! I hope you like this Whimsy Garden pattern I made and it’s included in my Doo-Dah-Day scrapbook collection. I posted this pattern in Instagram and I was asked if there’s any tip to […]