The Best Place to Learn Digital Scrapbooking


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The Best Place to Learn Digital Scrapbooking


If you are reading this blog, you are most likely a digital scrapbooker – like me! Digital scrapbooking has evolved over the years and now, we’ve learned a lot of different techniques to prettify our pages. But of course, whenever we see something new in the galleries that truly amazes us, we want to learn how to do it too and see how we can incorporate new techniques with our own style. If you’re looking for the best place to find new courses about scrapbooking digitally, I’d highly recommend you visit Scrapaneers – the site I personally call, the digital scrapbooker’s paradise. Why? Because, it’s filled with tons of digital classes that are truly awesome!  See it for yourself! This is the very first place I have seen in the industry that offers diverse online courses.

Below are some of my favorites:

The Art of Journaling by Amanda Taylor

I always love Amanda Taylor’s designs! Journaling is one of my weakness and I would love to learn how to stylize my texts and get a bit of the story in my layout.

Guide to Shadowing by Tiffany Tillman

Shadows make or break a layout. Whether you are mostly linear or dimensional, a great shadow can bring different interpretation to your page.

Digital Artistry by Cilenia Curtis

Now this one is a totally fun idea! I have never imagined that scrapbooking will eventually evolve into something like this. Editing your photos and turning them into art and then scrapbooking them is an amazing concept.

So You Wanna Be a Design Star by Traci Reed

I have been asked a couple of times about how to become a digital scrapbook designer. This is the perfect class that will answer all of your needs.

Crafty Marketing with Tracy Reed

If you are planning to design or a designer who wants to know more about how to run a crafty business, this is for you to take. I’ve personally taken this class and learned a lot! Traci has a very good understanding of how to run a home-based business.  Although I did not become a superwoman like her (I still can’t believe how she does everything), I have learned a ton from this class. Highly recommended.

Last, but definitely not the least – the Scrapaneers Champions! Check the video for yourself and see what’s in store for you.

These are just some and there are FREE courses too! You can check the full list of course if you want to see more.


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